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[Apr. 17th, 2007|05:40 pm]
Im officially finished my report on CANCER....for the time capsul....LMAO
i hav gone form the sea cliff bridge to converses to drugs to drugs alchol and smoking to teen drug/alchol/smoking to teen issues to teen body issues to my final choice of Cancer in Australia.....

im very indecisive

anyways.... holidays are goodly and funnly
got my Ls yestaday finally
went for them in the morning.....I FAILED....I CRIED...I felt as tho i had been kicked in the stomach and in the chest all at the same time..... i felt like crap
But then i went bak in the afta noon and Passed WOO

Today i had my first driving lesson....
i learnt that the accelerator is very sensitive
and the break if push down hard jolts u very hard
and also i did my first park (between to lines) and i reversed out of it
Anyways thats bout it..... Oh yeh had a fantabulous sleepover at megs.....poor katie was sickly
Reminds me "KATE ARE U BETTA YET??? R U OKAY?"
LOVE all
c @ skool....or weneva